About Me

My name is Matt, and I am a late night thinker or just your typical insomniac who tends to reflect about life, past/present/future experiences, random ideas, and pretty much whatever my mind thinks about while I lay in bed or wander off in lala-land. Currently, I’m in my mid-twenties and looking for a job in this cruel economy after I have recently received my Bachelor’s in Nursing and RN license. However, besides nursing, I also have an interest in writing that I discovered when I took a creative writing and screenwriting class back in high school, and also when I decided to make a Tumblr to vent out all my thoughts. But then, Tumblr quickly turned into a blog mostly for photos, videos, and art… and essentially I wanted something more for writing. And now, here I am, convincing myself to write more and to share my ideas, thoughts, expressions with the world.

Why did you create this blog?

Anyways, before I bore you all to death about myself, I wanted to share the reason WHY I created this blog. Instead of venting out my feelings in a lame, poetic fashion, I wanted to organize my opinions and thoughts in a more organized and analytical matter. I want to share my experiences and my discoveries in hopes that maybe it could give someone insight, a different perspective on life, or help someone out of something they are struggling with. I just want to iterate that most of the articles I write on this blog are just opinions and are not always true, right, or credible. I want you to know that whatever may work for me, may have a different result for you, so do not expect success all the time. I claim that I do NOT know everything and to take any advice/suggestions that I do give as just something to reflect about. This blog is not really a guide about life, but more so a collection of ideas or realizations, so PLEASE understand that. Nonetheless, enjoy my work and thank you for being a reader.


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